Why Do Jewelry Commercials Have To Be So Very Bad?

Here’s what I want to know: Who exactly are those painfully cheesy jewelry commercials supposed to be resonating with? Not only are the scripts and acting stupid and terrible, but the jewelry featured is always awful, too. And, just like campaign season always means we’ll get more than our fill of snarky political ads, the holidays mean our commercial breaks are sure to overflow with these nauseating ads.

And now, a brief showcase of said terrible commercials. (They’re so bad they’re good, really.):

  • This Kay Jewlers ad is my least favorite (and so by default, then, I suppose it’s actually my favorite) so far this year, by far. So dumb. A proposal in a Kay Jewelers store IN THE MALL? Lame. No, thanks. (This girl, however, loves this ad. Interesting.)
  • Talk about bad writing here. This scenario is -0% believable:


  • I’ve never heard of Riddle’s Jewelry, but this commercial proves they know tons about father/son relationships and their typical conversations:


  • “Oh, Santa!”:


  • Proof I’m not the only one who’s fed up with these ads:


But — good news! — so far I’ve seen two jewelry commercials this year that weren’t horrible. In fact, I actually liked them. Props to Zales and Forevermark for dialing down the cheese factor AND for spotlighting jewelry that I might actually think about wearing:




2 thoughts on “Why Do Jewelry Commercials Have To Be So Very Bad?

  1. Funny. This girl likes the Kay Jewelers commercial because it resonates with her.

    I learned this a long time ago: everything is not for everybody. I like the commercial because it celebrates two things that I like to see more of in the media: black love and natural hair. But I get it: you probably don’t care about that. And you don’t have to.

    Btw, thanks for linking to my blog!

    1. Hi, Tiffany!

      Thanks for your comment. Though this ad doesn’t hit home with me, I’m glad for Kay’s sake that it’s resonating with some viewers. Certainly not everything is for everyone. I probably love some ads that you can’t stand! 🙂

      Happy Holidays!


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