curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 53 (How To Help Prevent Eating Disorders In Our Kids With Taylor Miller, LCMH)

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As someone who struggled with an eating disorder for more than 10 years, doing all I can to help my children avoid a similar reality is often top of mind. And I know that, as a parent, I’m not a bit alone. Even if you aren’t someone who’s had an eating disorder, chances are you’ve had or still have your fair share of “food stuff” – because unfortunately that’s the water we swim in.

That’s why I was so excited to connect with Taylor Miller, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor specializing in eating disorders. Taylor is the owner of Nourished and Known Counseling here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

A note: If you’re reading this and are tempted not to go any further because you aren’t a parent, stay with us! Our conversation ended up focusing a LOT on our work as adults when it comes to food and body stuff – things that can benefit parents and non-parents alike.

If there’s one thing I know to be true about food and body related struggles, it’s that talking about them – bringing them into the light – takes away so much of their power. It reminds us we aren’t alone in these struggles, and we aren’t to blame for them, either. The more we talk about these things – with professionals like Taylor and with friends and family, including our children – the more we can collectively and individually start to heal from them or, in the case of our kids, hopefully minimize them altogether.

Thanks so much for being here for this conversation. It’s an important one, and I hope you find it encouraging and helpful.

Okay, ready to hear from Taylor? Here we go…

Taylor shared lots of great resources during our chat as well. Here are some helpful links:

National Eating Disorders Association statistics

Winston-Salem Eating Disorders Coalition

Association for Size Diversity and Health

Instagram accounts recommended by Taylor:





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