curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 51 (Digging Into The Science Behind CBD With Maia Reed Of Equilibria)

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(I’m proud to be an Equilibria partner, and I have a discount code — CURIOUSER — you can use if you’d like to save on your order! More details on my two must-have products a bit later in this post…)

I’m soooo excited to share today’s episode with you, because it’s about something that I honestly was pretty skeptical of that’s now part of my daily life. We’re going to talk all things CBD! To do that, I brought in an expert: I talked with Maia Reed from Equilibria, the CDB brand I use and trust. Maia has so much knowledge when it comes to CBD, which can often be a controversial topic mainly due to lack of full understanding of what it actually is…and what it isn’t. I didn’t think CBD was something I could benefit from, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. I can’t wait to dig more into this topic with you, and I hope you’ll learn lots along the way!

Maia heads up Equilibria’s education team, and the fact that they have a dedicated team of educators to help support their CBD clients is really amazing, and it’s one of the many reasons I chose Equilibria for my CBD. (Just like with anything you’re putting on or in your body, by the way, where your CBD comes from REALLY MATTERS!)

In this episode, Maia and I talk about things like:

-What CBD does in our bodies – which is super fascinating!!
-How to determine whether you’re a good candidate for CBD
-How to find the right products and dosage for YOU, specifically
-Where Equilibria’s CBD comes from (remember — THAT MATTERS)
-And so much more

If you like what you hear and are interested in giving EquIlibria CBD a try after listening to this episode, be sure to use my discount code – CURIOUSER – to save on your order! I’m proud to partner with this brand I know, trust, and love so much. (My two personal favorite products, by the way, are the Sleep Gummies and the Daily Drops. I use them both every day, and Kevin takes the Sleep Gummies as well!)

Oh, and one last note before we jump in: This episode is meant to be informative, but is not meant to offer medical advice or replace your provider’s recommendations for you specifically. Be sure to chat with your provider before starting CBD, especially if you’re on any medications just to make sure there’s no issue with combining them.

Okay, ready to talk all things CBD with Equilibria’s head of education? Here we go!:

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