curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 50 (Navigating Grief With Bethany Godwin)

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I’ve found myself having several conversations recently that involve the topic of grief, and so I knew I wanted to dig into it more on a podcast episode. Bethany Godwin of Twilight Counseling here in Winston-Salem specializes in offering grief support, and so I knew she would be the perfect person to share insight about this subject.

Grief is one of those tricky things that ALL of us experience throughout our lives, but we often don’t know how to navigate it when we’re going through it — much less how to support others well who are grieving. In this episode, Bethany and I discuss the very personal story that led her to grief counseling, the broad definition of grief (it’s certainly NOT just an emotion brought on by a death), what some of the more unexpected side effects of grief can be, how there’s no “right way” to grieve, and much more.

She is a wealth of knowledge on this topic, and I’m so grateful she shared some of that wisdom with us here.

Learn more about Bethany and her practice, Twilight Counseling, at her website and via Twilight’s Instagram account. (Note: In addition to specializing in grief and loss, she also supports many women in the perinatal stage as they navigate the transition to motherhood.)

Ready to dig into grief with Bethany Godwin? Here we go…

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