curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 49 (Clothing, Style, And The Ethics And Sustainability Behind It All With Charlotte Pottieger)

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Something I’ve been thinking and sharing about a good bit recently is intentionality around our clothing. Culture has shifted in a BIG way over the past few decades as it relates to clothing, and now it’s common to view clothing as disposable and as something we can buy constantly without giving it much thought. As it turns out, there are major implications to that approach to clothing, though, including extreme damage to our environment and unethical treatment of the people who make clothing, such as low wages and unsafe working conditions.

There’s also the overwhelm that comes with just having too much STUFF – clothing or otherwise. I’ve been working on really rethinking my relationship to clothing over the past several months, and with that in mind I’m thrilled to share today’s episode with you.

It’s with my friend Charlotte Pottieger of House of Colour Durham, here in North Carolina. You may have heard me talk about House of Colour if you follow me on Instagram, because it’s something I’m a huge fan of and have invested in as part of my intentional clothing journey. Charlotte is going to share more about what House of Colour is all about (there’s both a color and a style component), the outcome of having your color and style analysis done (there are MANY benefits!), and she’s also going to talk about easy ways to incorporate sustainability into your wardrobe. Seriously – they’re much easier than you might think, AND they’re not nearly as black and white as you might guess…

I feel so fortunate Charlotte and I met, since we share so many values as it relates to clothing. I know so many of us are trying to give more thought to how we view “stuff” in general, and to push against the culture of bringing new things into our homes and our closets almost constantly. I hope this was a reminder that if that’s you, you are NOT alone – so many of us are doing this work to try to create meaningful change that starts with us as individuals but will, hopefully, become much bigger than ourselves. I’m so optimistic about what the future holds on this front.

Ready to talk about color, style, and developing intentional, sustainable habits when it comes to clothing? Here we go!:

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