curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 48 (Talking Movement & Motherhood With Suzie Vinograd)

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This was such a fun episode for me to record, and I know you’ll enjoy listening to it, too – particularly if you’re the parent of a young child and value movement of any kind. (I know that applies to a lot of us!!)

Suzie is lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, like I do, and we’ve been loosely connected for a while by virtue of having many overlapping connections and running in similar circles. (That’s a smaller city for you!) Despite not knowing her especially well from a personal standpoint, I knew she and I shared so many values and had similar perspectives on many things thanks to exchanges she and I have had on social media and the thoughtful content she shares on her Instagram account. I so appreciate when others are willing to be as open and vulnerable as she often is through their platforms, because it helps foster connection that can mean so much.

Since recording this episode, Suzie and I have been able to spend in-person time together, and it’s just as I expected it to be: Full of meaningful conversation that leaves me feeling nourished and energized and so much less alone.

In addition to being the mother to an adorable toddler named Tilly – who’s just a couple of months younger than my son, Vance – Suzie is also getting ready to give birth to a new venture: a fitness studio here in Winston called Synergy.

Synergy will be offering cycle classes, yoga classes, and HIIT classes, and it’s slated to open in early 2023. During this conversation, you’ll hear Suzie talk about where her relationship with movement began, what she hopes Synergy can be in our community, what the word balance means to her right now, and much more.

Oh, and one more thing: Synergy founding member memberships are now available, so if you want to grab one of those be sure to check out the studio’s Instagram account for more info. You’ll also want to be sure to follow Suzie’s personal account for some amazing content that will make you feel so very seen, especially if you’re a fellow parent to a little one.

Okay, ready to talk movement and motherhood with Suzie? Here we go!:

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