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Over the past five years or so, I’ve become so much more aware of ways to make better — more conscious — choices in my life. For me, that awareness really began with an introduction to safe skincare and makeup (which started when I was pregnant with Maggie and learned I shouldn’t be using retinol-based skincare, as it can cause birth defects), and then started to become much bigger. After all, once you learn something, you can’t UN-learn it, and so when my eyes were opened to this whole new world of safer choices in personal care products I just kept wanting to educate myself more.

That soon led to me learning more about other things worth cleaning up in my life — things like laundry detergent and air freshener sprays and cleaning products and dishwashing soap. It also led me to think more about sustainability, and to begin to bring that more to the forefront of my life, making more conscious choices on that front as well.

I’m so grateful for this journey I’ve been on (and I continue to learn just about daily), but here’s the thing: it can often feel SO overwhelming. There’s tons to sort through. For one, the shelves are full of greenwashing and clean washing (totally legal claims brands make with their advertising to make products sound safer and/or more sustainable than they are). There are incredibly confusing, hard to decipher ingredients lists. There are hard-wired habits that can be so hard to move away from. And there’s the limited amount of time we all have amidst our busy lives to dedicate to making better choices, even when we desperately want to.

Recognizing this struggle, five of my Beautycounter teammates and I came together to create a go-to resource to help others as they aim to make more thoughtful and intentional choices about the kinds of products they purchase, the brands they choose to support, the household habits and practices they have, purchases, habits, — about their LIVES as a whole.

If you’re on a similar journey (or want to start one) but don’t want to go it alone, that’s where The Conscious Crew comes in!

Come hang out with us over on Instagram as we share peeks into our individual walks toward this more intentional lifestyle as well as join forces to share clean swaps, tips and tricks, education we’ve learned along the way, and lots more. As with so many things in life, this is easier and much more fun (not to mention feasible) when you have a community surrounding you to help with the process. It’s our goal to be just that — your friends and support system along the way!

Our mantra is “when you know better, do better,” and we’re all about taking baby steps toward these changes. (I’ve written here on my blog before about how this is absolutely a slow, ongoing process, and shared some changes our family has made over the years to move toward this more conscious space.)

We’ll be talking about TONS of topics — everything from choosing safe products to making sustainable clothing choices to composting to healthy eating to movement and sooooo much more — and each of us hops into stories one day a week for dedicated sharing. (My day is Tuesday, so come hang out with me there!)

Each of the women I get to partner with on this new venture is someone I respect so much, and I love that we each all come to this space with our own perspective, expertise, and experiences. It makes for so much more robust content than any one of us could create on our own, which feels pretty magical. (Kind of like a “with our powers combined…” situation for fellow Captain Planet fans out there.) You can come learn a bit about each of us via the highlights in the account! Meet Crystal here, meet Lucy here, meet Raquel here, meet Kelsey here, and meet Chelsea here! (Here’s my highlight, too, if you’d like to check that out.)

I hope to see you over on Instagram in our Conscious Crew account. Here’s to more intentional living, and to cheering each other along as we make that journey together!

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