curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 39 (Organization Tips & Tricks From Danielle and Natalie of Tartan Professional Organizing)

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As someone who feels gleeful when things are in order, I was SO excited to learn that Winston-Salem now has an organizing resource! Tartan Professional Organizing is a new company, helmed by Natalie Broyhill and Danielle Ceberio, that offers organization help of all kinds — including the organization of both physical and digital spaces. (Yes, Winston friends: That means if you watched The Home Edit on Netflix and drooled over those perfectly arranged pantries and closets, you can get the same end result at your house with these lovely ladies. AMAZING, RIGHT? I think we all have our birthday and Christmas gift ideas locked in for the foreseeable future, right?)

Even if you aren’t local to Winston, though, I think you’ll enjoy this episode. Natalie and Danielle share some great tips on organization, give us a peek into what organization (and its maintenance) looks like at their houses, and talk through how to deal with all that extra “stuff” that’s so easy to accumulate. I was so inspired after chatting with Natalie and Danielle to record this episode that I went on an organization spree in our house, and it felt INCREDIBLE.

Oh, and be sure to follow Tartan Organizing on Instagram. The things they share in stories are so fun, and their before and after photos are always so cathartic to see. For example…

I’m also excited to share my podcast’s first sponsor, Shop Tomorrows, as part of this episode! It’s the perfect match, too, since Shop Tomorrows — a new way to shop for secondhand clothes for kiddos — is all about intentional purchases (and therefore intentional accumulation of things), which is something Tartan Organizing can totally get behind, too. Use the code ANNA20 through August 31 to get 20 free tokens to Shop Tomorrows! (P.S. You can check out my Shop Tomorrows closet here in case you want to shop a few of Maggie’s outgrown pieces.)

Okay, ready to talk all things organization? Here we go!:

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