Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Too early to start thinking about Mother’s Day (on Sunday, May 9 this year)? I think not! Whether you’re dropping some hints to the significant other in your life, looking for a gift to share with a mother in your life, or BOTH, I hope this list will be a helpful spark of inspiration. (Oh, and if you’re searching for a great Mother’s Day gift idea for a new mom, check out this post I put together for Zulily’s blog with some suggestions on that front.)

Since I like to recommend products I’ve tried and know I can share with confidence, I’ve only included things I own and love on this list. You can feel great about gifting them to a mom on your list OR get excited about potentially unwrapping on of these items on May 9 (perhaps while enjoying a special breakfast in bed…).

Let’s dive in, shall we? Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2021:

Vuori Performance Jogger: I’m all about joggers these days, and this style is the best I’ve tried. They’re soft, they’re comfortable, they’re flattering — they’re just all around wonderful to wear. I love them so much I now own two pair (the charcoal heather and the burnt clay heather).

Peppy Co. Cleansing Egg: I’d been looking for a vibrating silicone face tool to add a bit of extra exfoliation to my skincare routine, and I struck gold with this purchase. I started seeing softer, smoother skin after just two or three uses of my Cleansing Egg, and I love using it every day to help my cleanser work even harder for me. I love that it just takes a minute in the morning and a minute in the evening (literally just 60 seconds) and yet makes such a difference for my skin. (I apply my cleanser to my face and then use the Cleansing Egg to rub it in well and exfoliate gently in the process, so it’s not even adding an extra step into my skincare routine — I’m just using my cleanser a bit differently.) Even the busiest of moms can squeeze two minutes a day in!

Beautycounter Countertime Skincare Collection: Speaking of skincare, I definitely had to include this incredible line in this gift guide. After all, what mom wouldn’t love brighter, hydrated, and more youthful skin? Not only are these products effective, they’re also super safe, using a plant-based alternative to retinol to deliver amazing results without the side effects retinol can bring (dryness, sensitivity to sunlight, birth defects if used during pregnancy, etc.). Anyone with normal, combination, or dry skin tends to be a perfect fit for this line.

Ember Mug: This made the list in my Zulily post for new moms, too, but in reality it’s a great gift for a mom at any stage. Even long after Maggie left the baby stage, I found myself reheating my coffee in the microwave just about daily, and this handy contraption minimizes that by keeping your coffee (or any warm beverage) at your preferred temperature — no microwave required!

Scout & Cellar Wine Club Subscription: Moving on to a different kind of beverage, any wine lover (health conscious ones in particular) would be PUMPED to get this gift! Scout & Cellar is a different kind of wine than we’re used to drinking here in the U.S. Instead of including added sugar, residual pesticides, artificial coloring and flavors, and a whole slew of potential other additives (often the elements that can leave us feeling not so great after a couple of glasses), Scout & Cellar wines are made of grapes and just enough sulfites to keep the wine from becoming vinegar. I’ve loved Scout & Cellar for a couple of years now, and am so glad to have found delicious wines I can feel so much better about drinking than more conventional ones out there.

Vitamix Blender: A blender might seem like a strange Mother’s Day gift (it kind of makes me think of that scene from Father of the Bride where the blender was a huge flop of a gift!), but I’m including it on my list because Kevin gifted me a Vitamix for Mother’s Day (for my first Mother’s Day, in fact!) and it was a home run. We’d used a Ninja blender for years and had been happy with it, but the upgrade to the Vitamix has been incredible. Since we both love smoothies, our blender gets twice-daily use most days, and it’s still blending strong four years in, giving us super-silky smooth drinks.

Made By Mary Personalized Necklace: This is, hands down, my go-to brand for personalized jewelry. It’s beautiful, it’s made well, and I love the different options available. I have both their Roman Numeral bar necklace (with our wedding anniversary engraved) and my birth flower necklace with both kids’ flowers in the smaller discs alongside mine. Both are gorgeous, and you’ll find me wearing one or the other just about every day!

I hope that provided some helpful inspiration for Mother’s Day gifts! If you have any go-to gift ideas for moms, I’d love to hear them in the comments below…

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