Valentine’s Day: A Favorite Holiday At Our House

Valentine’s Day has always been a happy day for me. I think it goes back to my mom always making it a fun holiday for my sister, Susan, and me as kids, and it’s continued to bring me joy into adulthood. It’s never been about the romantic side of it. (I actually roll my eyes at those overpriced Valentine’s Day dinners out and the stereotypical ways to celebrate on that front. In fact, since we started dating Kevin and I have always made a point to celebrate in a non-traditional way, like getting dinner from Taco Bell or a local diner. (Check out the BEST Valentine’s Day gift he’s ever given me. You’ll never guess what it is!) No, for me it’s always been about the focus on showing the people we care about just a bit of extra love that day. (And now there’s a whole new layer of getting to share the holiday with Maggie and finding ways to celebrate with her!)

As a kid, we’d always have a special family breakfast on Valentine’s Day and my parents would give us a few gifts: always a pair of pajamas and some other small things. As I got older, I enjoyed making treats (usually heart-shaped cookies) for my friends and, later, colleagues. Now, I get to help Maggie put together valentines for her classmates, which is so much fun. (This year, I grabbed her this oh-so cute set of gummy bear valentines from Paper Source!)

I’m planning on us having a special breakfast and also baking something a day or two before, too, to gift to a few friends and neighbors. (Note: My due date is on Valentine’s Day BUT all of us — my midwives included — are not expecting this little guy to make an appearance until well after the 14th based on how overdue I was with Maggie. We’ll see — these plans may end up looking a bit different depending on how things go!)

I’ve also grabbed a few gifts for Maggie-girl for Valentine’s Day. Those include: a personalized book stamp (I had personalized book stickers as a kid and they made me feel SO fancy), PJs to continue the tradition my mom started, some undies because she needs them, but also because these are cute (and P.S. the Cat & Jack undies are our favorite), and a Beautycounter Jellies Duo set (which just launched today — perfect timing!)

What are your thoughts around Valentine’s Day? Do you love this holiday as much as I do, or is it not a favorite for you? Have your views on the holiday changed over the years? (If you’re celebrating with kiddos, too, I’d love to know what you have planned!)

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