The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever

As we approach Valentine’s Day 2K12, I thought I’d take a moment to share the best Valentine’s Day gift I have ever — and may ever — receive. Kevin Keller set the bar terribly high for future V-days.

In order to add context to this story, let me back up a few years.

When I was in college, a friend conveyed a story:

He was watching the local news on Valentine’s Day one year. The reporter was doing man-on-the-street interviews, asking people around town what they’d received from significant others to celebrate the holiday. Everyone’s answers were pretty standard, until the reporter got to a certain young woman. When asked what her boyfriend had given her for Valentine’s Day, she replied with gusto*, “Snickers bars, five dollars, lip gloss, yellow shorts, and dinners at the Ponderosa!”

(*Insert a good bit of attitude into that phrase, and note that “gloss” was pronounced “glawss,” and “shorts” became “shoats.”)

Well. I thought that was about the best answer ever, and would quote it every so often, making Kevin familiar with the tale pretty early on in our relationship.

And so that’s why it was so very incredible when, for Valentine’s Day last year, I opened a series of gifts from my then-fiance, which included:

Snickers bahs. Five dollahs. Lip glawss. Yellow shoats. Dinners at the Ponderosa.*

*The “dinners at the Ponderosa” actually ended up being “dinners at Leon’s,” since there was (unfortunately) no Ponderosa in the Atlanta area. Fine by me!:


And so gentlemen: take note. The best Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to be cheesy or girly — they just need to be heartfelt. (And by heartfelt I mean, of course, including yellow shoats if at all possible.)

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