Friday Favorites (March 13, 2020)

What a weird Friday, huh? Not only is it the 13th, but it’s also in the midst of what’s now officially been dubbed a pandemic by the World Health Organization as we work together as a planet to try to get COVID-19 under control. It’s been quite the last few days for us all, to say the least. I’d love to hear how you’re feeling about things, and what actions you’re taking to keep yourself and your community safe, health, and supported right now so I can get some good ideas from you!

I wanted to go ahead and share some favorites in the midst of this strange week, though. Here are a few things I’ve been loving lately:

  • Beautycounter has a Hand Wash & Hand Cream Set that we’ve used for a while, but I bring it up because it’s extra timely this week! This set is especially helpful with the extra washing of hands lately since it includes a hydrating hand cream to keep your hands moisturized and feeling great. Bonus: It smells great and looks beautiful in a guest bathroom!

Beautycounter Citrus Mimosa Hand Wash & Hand Cream Set

  • Looking for a reusable alternative to plastic wrap? So were we, and we’ve been enjoying Bees Wrap to serve that very purpose. I’ve been baking sourdough for the past couple of months, so this bread wrap is getting tons of use at our house, and we also like the three-pack, which comes with wraps in three sizes. You just wash your Bees Wrap with soap and water, and they last for about a year!

Bees Wrap Reusable Alternative To Plastic Wrap

  • You may very well already know about my obsession with Modern Piggy bows (for Maggie) and scrunchies (for me), but I had to include them here because their spring collection just launched! (Faves of mine include this one, this one, and this one.) Also, I wanted to be sure you knew I’m a Modern Piggy partner and have a coupon code you can use on ANY purchase you make from them to save 10%. Just enter the code “curiouser” at checkout to apply that discount!

Modern Piggy Best Bows For Little Girls

  • I’d been wanting to introduce a vegan collagen-boosting supplement to my routine, and after doing some digging discovered the brand Ora (a brand that makes plant-based, organic nutrition and supplements) and found this option from them. I’m loving it — and it tastes really good! (I prefer adding it to a smoothie or mixing it into a mug of Four Sigmatic mushroom cacao.) I also added a single serving of their chocolate protein powder to my order just to try it out, and it is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. I’ll absolutely be grabbing some the next time I need protein powder. I’ so glad to have discovered this brand!

Vegan Collage

  • I earned a Vejo starter kit during a recent Beautycounter incentive, and it’s been wonderful. I hadn’t heard of this brand — they make super healthy and delicious pod-based smoothies, and you blend them with a sleek, nearly silent blender you can easily take with you on the go — and I’m so glad to have been introduced to them. I even took this on the plane when Kevin and I flew to Miami recently and we made a smoothie at 30,000 feet. (Such a better in-flight snack option than Biscoff cookies, right?) If you’re interested in experiencing the Vejo, too, be sure to use the code AnnaK8pack when you order your starter kit AND add any eight-pack of smoothie blends to your order. That eight-pack will be free when you use the code! (Oh, and stay tuned: I’ll be sharing more about this brand on my podcast soon.)

Vejo Pod Blender Travel Friendly

  • I was at the mall yesterday (a rare occurrence) to return a couple of things I’d ordered online from Old Navy. I parked outside of Belk, so entered and exited the mall there, and on my way out these Dolce Vita Macy sneakers caught my eye in a big way. They’re just about perfect as far as I’m concerned: simple, but with a bit of flair with the animal print and hot pink stripe on the back. I didn’t leave with a pair yesterday, but I can’t stop thinking about them! (What do you think? Should I go for it? Do you love these as much as I do?)

Dolce Vida Macy Sneakers

  • Maggie and I have matching bathing suits now, y’all, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! I’ve been an Albion Fit fan for a few years now, and have several pieces from the brand (workout items, joggers, and a couple of bathing suits), so I knew I could trust the quality of these oh-so cute animal print mommy and me bathing suits. (Here’s the one I got, and here’s Maggie’s!)

Albion Fit Mommy & Me Animal Print Bathing Suits

Maggie got to try on her bathing suit last night, and it was the absolute cutest thing. I’m glad I got it on video!:

What have you found that’s making your life better, happier, or easier? I love to hear what YOU’RE loving, too!

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