curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 29 (Mental Health & Disordered Eating With Brittany Todd Of B Balanced Counseling & Wellness)

Listen to the episode here!:

Brittany Todd and I know each other through Pure Barre, and share lots of other Winston connections. She’s a Winston native, in fact, so has strong roots in this community. Brittany is the woman behind B Balanced Counseling & Wellness in downtown Winston-Salem, and in this episode she shares about what B Balanced looks like today as well as her vision for its future.

We also spent lots of time during this episode chatting about an experience Brittany and I share: one with disordered eating. For both of us, our disordered eating began in high school and continued many years beyond. Thankfully, we’ve both been able to overcome our eating disorders, but I think it’s vitally important to keep talking about them (and Brittany does, too). The thing is, it’s a struggle so many people have, and it’s one that’s often wrapped in silence and shame. And so to combat those isolating feelings, I think the best thing we can do is TALK ABOUT IT and let people in.

Also, if you live in Winston-Salem and are working through complicated feelings or struggling with navigating a challenging time in your life or are dealing with anxiety or depression or stress, you might want to consider paying Brittany a visit. The best thing you can do is let someone in, even though that might feel like the most counterintuitive thing right now! Brittany talks about envisioning a world where taking care of your mental health as part of overall self care is as common as getting a manicure. I hope we can get to that point, too!

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