curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 28 (Former Direct Sales Hater Turned ZYIA Rep Suzy Goodwin)

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As many (maybe most) of you know, I’m a Beautycounter consultant, and Beautycounter is a direct sales brand.

I know, I know. Go ahead and insert your story here about getting an aggressive or completely impersonal message from someone you barely know trying to get you to buy an irrelevant product or join their team and make MILLIONS. (I’ve written before about how I work hard to avoid being “that girl.”)

If you have a bad taste in your mouth or are just a bit skeptical or inexperienced when it comes to direct sales companies (where you buy through an individual rep versus buying through a company at large), this is a great episode for you, and I really hope you’ll listen.

For this episode, I chatted with my friend and fellow direct sales rep, Suzy Goodwin, about her transition from self-proclaimed “direct sales hater” to — ta da! — ZYIA Active rep. (Side note: Suzy also has a podcast, which you should absolutely subscribe to. Check it out here.)

Suzy and I actually met thanks to direct sales (the relationships piece of this business model is something we dig into in this episode), and we are friends who support each others’ businesses (both by buying products from ZYIA and Beautycounter and by encouraging one another). I view her as a teammate even though we don’t work for the same brand, and I’m thrilled she was down to chat about this topic.

I think you’ll enjoy hearing from both of us on the evolution of our thinking around direct sales, why we aligned with the companies we now work for, and why we think it’s such a special way to do business. I hope you enjoy listening!

P.S. Some of my ZYIA personal faves are the Grid Bra (like the one Suzy has on in the photo with this post!), Flamingo Twist Tank, and Light n Tight 7/8 Leggings.

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