Friday Favorites (November 30, 2018)

It’s Friday, and it’s beautiful and sunny here in Winston-Salem! I feel like this week has FLOWN by, and somehow Thanksgiving already seems like a million years ago even though it was just last week. Time flies, y’all. Everyone says it, and everyone’s right.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that today marks the end of my November Wardrobe Challenge. For the past 30 days, I’ve worn something different every day in an effort to be reminded of all the items I already have in my closet. My other challenge “rule” is to avoid buying new clothing items during the duration of the challenge.

I shared this confession in my Instagram Stories last night, but I broke that second rule.

(I know, I know — but hear me out!)

First of all, what was I thinking doing this challenge during Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend? (That’s when I bought a few items, by the way.)

BUT…I feel like my purchases were far more informed than they would have been had I not been doing the challenge. Thanks to the challenge, I knew what pieces were missing from my wardrobe, and so I was on the hunt for those. (I mainly was shopping for black sweaters and long-sleeved black shirts, because I realized I didn’t have those.) I grabbed a few options from both Old Navy and J. Crew Factory, and will return the ones that don’t work. (Side note: I also realized that my wardrobe could handle a new, nicer raincoat. I posted about that on Instagram earlier today and so far have gotten a few suggestions from y’all, including Lululemon, Cioa Milano, London Fog, Gap, and Old Navy. If you have a favorite raincoat brand, please let me know!

I also got these earrings — ones I’ve been eyeing for more than a year — while they were on sale last weekend. They arrived earlier this week, and they are PERFECTION! I can’t wait to wear them. It’s fun to treat yourself every now and then, you know?

Okay, though — on to this week’s favorites:


  • Speaking of recipes that sound amazing, this vegan eggnog — made with white sweet potatoes, among other ingredients — looks like it just might be incredible. (I have also learned lots about white sweet potatoes since posting about this on Instagram Stories last night, thanks to y’all! Thanks for all the advice on where to find them. I’m hoping our Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s will come through for me…)


  • One more food-related fave: Trail Nuggest bars are SO GOOD! (I discovered them at Trader Joe’s.) I’ve tried both the Cranberry, Orange, and Beet one and the Peanut and Chocolate one, and both are amazing.


  • And I leave you with ONE non food-related favorite for this week — although this one technically is KIND of food-related, too! (Can you tell I was hungry while writing this…?): Hearth & Hand (Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Target line) has kids’ toys that are to DIE for, including this play kitchen. It’s currently out of stock, but I grabbed one for Maggie over the weekend and the kitchen (along with the corresponding pots and pans set) will be our big gift for her this Christmas. I think she’s going to LOVE it (and so will I!!!). Oh, and if you’re still hunting for gifts for a toddler on your list, just a quick reminder that I have a toddler holiday gift guide that might provide some inspiration!


Have a wonderful weekend!


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