Maggie Monday (July 23, 2018)

Sometimes I look at Maggie and she still seems like such a baby, and other times I look at photos like this one and am reminded that our baby is now definitely a toddler (and a tall one at that!):


How in the world is she so big? This time last year, she looked like this:


When people said time would fly, they weren’t kidding!

Though it’s somewhat sad to watch her babyhood start to fade, that sadness is outweighed by the joy we feel these days seeing Maggie learn and interact more and more. She’s smart and fun and FUNNY and happy and sweet and brave — we get to know our girl a little better every day. I’m overwhelmed each time I think about what a privilege it is to be able to observe her life up close, and to watch her personality emerge.


These days, she:

  • says “Dada” CONSTANTLY and “Mama” sometimes. Other words of hers include “night-night,” “ball,” and “bubbles.” It’s so neat watching her listen SO intently when we talk, and hearing her attempt to repeat our words.
  • still loves to be read to AND to read to herself.
  • is more hesitant of others when I’m around, which is relatively new for her.
  • blows kisses and waves constantly.
  • still will eat anything we put in front of her (but especially loves red grapes lately!).
  • is loving accessories — especially bags (which she wants to tote around everywhere).
  • makes us work for our snuggles, because she’s always on the move!

This past weekend with Maggie was pretty much perfect. We spent all day Saturday at Lake Norman with some friends, and Maggie loved (most of!) our activities. She was happy on the boat, but was a little less sure once we got in the water.

Oh, and watching our friends love on our Maggie-girl is one of the best feelings imaginable. We have such a strong village helping us raise her, and we’re constantly reminded of that. (We have the BEST friends!)

Then on Sunday, we ran a few errands but then spent all of the (rainy) afternoon at home playing and reading and laughing (a lot).

Oh, and we took some time to rest, and also help Dad with some work.

Gah. This kid. I can’t believe she’s ours.

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