Sharing Ana Luisa Jewelry (And A Coupon Code!) With You

As you know, I’m very particular about brands I feature on my blog. I only want to share things that I’ve experienced firsthand and can wholeheartedly recommend to y’all. That’s why I say no to some of the brands who reach out to me for partnerships: If it doesn’t feel like a good fit — and if I don’t LOVE the product or brand — I just don’t feel right about highlighting it here.

All that to say, when you get a recommendation from curiouser & curiouser, I hope you feel like you can trust it to be a good one. And boy, do I have a good one to recommend to you today…

Ana Luisa Jewelry — a brand I wasn’t familiar with — reached out to me recently and offered to send me some of their pieces to try out. I selected a couple of bracelets (this one and this one), and Y’ALL. I fell in LOVE with them. (Oh, and they hooked me up with a $15 discount code for y’all, too! Use AnnaK15 at checkout to save $15 on your purchase.)


I’ve been wearing them nonstop since I got them, and they are so completely and totally my style. (When I showed them to Kevin, his comment was, “Wow. Those could not be more perfect for you.” He knows me well! 🙂 )

Oh, and Maggie’s a fan as well. All three Kellers love these bracelets!


If you follow me on Instagram, you likely know that I love stacking bracelets. These are ideal for that, and so far I’ve worn them on their own, with a third bracelet, and with a watch. They look great each way! They’re lightweight but obviously very well crafted, and I can comfortably wear them to work, to the Pure Barre studio, and also at home. (Versatility like that is always a plus for me — anything to save time and make life juuuust a little easier!)

Ana Luisa‘s goal is to take the middle man out of the designer jewelry game (meaning you get beautifully made pieces for a fraction of what they’d typically cost). The brand is based out of New York, and each piece of jewelry is individually handcrafted from high-quality materials.

“The fact that quality jewelry was crazy expensive and most of us ended up buying overpriced breakable jewelry was infuriating, so we decided to change the status quo. We knew we had to shake things up and disrupt the way jewelry is designed, produced, and distributed.”

I can’t wait to add more Ana Luisa pieces to my jewelry collection, and currently have my eye on these earrings.


What are you loving from their collection?

Don’t forget to use AnnaK15 if you place an order to save $15!

(But seriously — aren’t these bracelets amazing? I can’t get over how much I love them. If you see me in the near future, I will most likely be wearing these! They go with everything and are a dream to wear.)


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