Maggie Monday (May 21, 2018)

Maggie has always been a sweet kid, but Kevin and I were talking yesterday about how she’s in an especially loving stage right now. She’ll randomly come over and give us hugs and kisses, or rest her head on our leg for a few seconds, then go back to playing. I live for those moments.

She’s still constantly “talking,” and it’s precious. She LOVES to say “DEE!” (no idea what exactly she thinks it means, or maybe she just thinks that sound is fun to make), and it’s so stinking CUTE. (She’s not trying to say “Dada,” because she says that often. Too funny.)

She’s getting more and more fun, and genuinely seems to already have a good sense of humor. We play this mealtime game often, where she offers us a bite and then pulls it away juuuust before it gets to our mouths, cackling as she eats it instead. It’s so funny every single time.

She’s also getting more stubborn, and definitely lets us know when she’s upset about something. These days, it’s typically that we’ve taken things away from her like, oh, the butter knife she managed to grab off the table. (I know — we are the MEANEST.)

But generally, she continues to be easygoing. I love watching her play and get immersed in whatever she happens to be doing.

Kevin and I constantly find ourselves talking about how incredibly fortunate we are to have this precious girl in our lives. I miss her so much when she’s sleeping. She makes our family feel complete in a way I didn’t know it could. (And we laugh even more with her around.) 🙂



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