Friday Favorites (May 18, 2018)

Whew — it’s Friday, y’all. We made it!

Oh, before I jump into my favorites from this week, I wanted to thank everyone who entered my Tidewater Sandals giveaway. I announced the winner last night (congrats again, Brooke!), BUT my coupon code — CURIOUSER15 — is still active through the end of May. Use that code at checkout to save 15% on your order!


Okay — favorites tiiiiiime!:

  • If you’re local to the Triad and are interested in watching the royal wedding (and happen to not have a small child at home like I do), you should 100% watch the event at a/perture! Check out details here. (Oh, and it’s FREE and Humble Bee refreshments will be provided. What? So fun.)



  • Kevin and I went on a Costco run last weekend and grabbed a box of these acai sorbet bites. They’re SO good — not super sweet, and with just a little bit of chocolate to make them feel so decadent.


  • I got these wedges from Target this week and am in LOVE. Initially I was upset the taupe version was sold out in my size, but now I’m glad I was “forced” to go with the blush options instead. I am going to be living in these this summer, I can tell! (Oh, and as a reminder, I recently set up a Shop section on my blog where I’m starting to put links to some of my favorite items — everything from shoes to baby gear to personal care products. Check it out every now and then to see what’s new!)


  • Um…how delicious does this chickpea salad look? I mean, it has red grapes in it, so I’m already a fan. I can’t wait to make it, and have a feeling it will be on repeat this summer at our house. (I’m not a mayo fan, so I’m going to go with the tahini option there.)


  • Did you see that Beautycounter recently launched a new sunscreen formula? It’s called Countersun, and it protects not just against UVA and UVB light, but also blue light (e.g., the light from your phone screen), which has been shown to age the skin. (No, thanks!) Plus, Countersun comes in lotion, stick, or SPRAY form. YES!



Happy almost weekend! Kevin and I have a date night planned tonight to grab dinner and then see RBG at a/perture. Yay!

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