Maggie Monday (April 23, 2018)

This past week was an exciting one for Maggie Keller! Here’s an overview of all we’ve been up to:

  • She took her first swim lesson and…pretty much hated it. 🙂 We expected that, because she has NOT been loving bath time lately. It was neat, though, watching her navigate that experience. She didn’t ever cry, and she was very interested in how the other kids in the class were handling everything. Throughout the course of the 30ish-minute class, she went from clinging desperately to me to letting me help her float on both her tummy and back. We’re looking forward to going back a few more times to help her get more comfortable with the water! (Winston friends who are looking for baby swim lessons: We took Maggie to Wake Forest Baptist and I definitely recommend it!)
  • She got to hang out with Gram and Gramps some this week! They came in town for a brief visit, and we loved spending time with them.


  • We celebrated our friends Jodi and Michael’s wedding on Saturday (with PERFECT weather), and Maggie loved getting to play with the fun lawn games they had at the reception! (How cool is this inflatable bowling set??)
  • Maggie and I went to our friend Megan’s baby shower in Greensboro yesterday, and Maggie enjoyed playing with sand (and DIDN’T enjoy eating a mouthful of it!) and also waving at every guest repeatedly. You know, her signature move.

Here are a few other shots from the past few days with our girl. We love you, Maggie! (And oh — how amazing are those baby pink Converse?? IN LOVE!)


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