Friday Favorites (April 20, 2018)

It’s pretty hard to believe that it’s already the end of another work week! Time seems to have been going by even faster than usual — perhaps thanks to the nice weather we’re finally having!

  • Aren’t these slip on sneakers from Target adorable?? I love them in black, but wish they were currently available in taupe, because I love the look of those, too. These would be perfect for going to/from barre class and running around on weekends!
  • Speaking of shoes from Target…I bit the bullet and got a new pair of black wedges from there. These shoes are ones I reach for time and again, and I always get compliments on them. My other pair (also from Target!) was probably two years old, and it was time to replace them. (Do you find yourself reaching for the same 1-2 pairs of shoes again and again each season? I need to mix up my footwear a little more. But these just go so well with EVERYTHING!!!) In addition to black, they come in a really pretty gray and pecan.
  • I think I’ve talked about these earrings before on my blog, but I’m going to mention them again because they are accessory staples for me. I first got these Stella & Dot Gita Tassel Earrings in white, and then bought the black pair, too, because I was wearing the white ones so frequently. These are perfect for making an everyday outfit just a little more special, and they’re so lightweight and pleasant to wear. I tend to always have people ask me about them when I’m wearing these!


  • My favorite kind of leggings tend to be black ones, but I love when I find a pair of black leggings with just a little bit of flair to make them special. These Lululemon Reveal 7/8 leggings totally meet that criteria! I snagged a pair last weekend, and I know will be reaching for them again and again. They’re SO cute and comfy!
  • The weather getting warmer (FINALLY!) is making me think about summer prep, and I wanted to share two Beautycounter essentials for this time of year. Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer (a light coverage, skin tone-evening product with SPF) is something I live in all year, but count as especially important in the warmer months. I also can’t say enough good things about the sunscreen face and body sticks. They make applying (safe!) sunscreen SO simple — especially for kids! I know this will be a staple for us with Maggie-girl this summer!

Have a wonderful springtime weekend!

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