Friday Favorites (February 2, 2018)

Another Friday already? I’ll take it, for sure! (Happy February, by the way!)

Here are this week’s Friday Favorites!

  • We have been obsessed with Love Macie bows for Maggie for months now, and — lucky you — they’ve given my readers a 25% off coupon code to use through Valentine’s Day! Just use MAGGIELOVE25 at checkout to qualify for the discount, and you can shop all their adorable (and high-quality) offerings, including these oh-so-cute Valentine’s Day bows!


  • Our Pure Barre studios just started selling the Emily Hsu brand of leggings, and they are amazingly adorable (and come at a wonderful price point, too). How cute are these with the pocket??




  • Um, y’all. I got a juicer for $25 this week. A NICE JUICER. FOR $25! You read that right. Lidl (a German grocery store that just came to the U.S. and opened two stores in Winston-Salem, of all places) offers a juicer for $30, and this past Monday they were on sale for $5 off. I’d been wanting to get a juicer to help flavor the kombucha I’ve started making at home, but wasn’t sure what to do about the high price tag of most juicers. Lidl to the rescue! (So far I’ve made a juice combo using apple, ginger, lemon, and carrot, and used that to flavor some kombucha. It was SO good.)


  • I’ve raved about Kate Morris Jewelry here on curiouser & curiouser before, and the raving continues today because I’m in LOVE with these Suave ear crawlers. I pre-ordered them, and can’t wait for them to arrive. I love that they’re simple but a little different, and they’ll be perfect to wear both to work and the Pure Barre studio. I’m such a fan of transition pieces like that.



Have a beautiful weekend! 


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