Gift Guide: For The Ladies

This post was quickly getting long, and so I decided to organize it a little differently than the standard gift guide. Instead of containing all my Ladies’ Gift Guide selections to a single post, I’ve created categories and then linked each category to a specific post with lots of selections that follow that theme. (Make sense? For example, I’ll list “Leggings” as a category below, and then there you’ll find a link to a post with several styles of leggings that would be great gift items.)

This was helpful for me in that it meant I didn’t have to choose between several options in each category, and I hope it will be helpful for YOU in that you’ll have lots of options to, you know, forward to your mom or husband or BFF as a little hint… 🙂

So here we go — my 2017 Ladies’ Gift Guide!:

Leggings. Because a girl can never, never, ever have too many pairs of leggings. (Never. Ever.) Here are some options that she’s sure to love unwrapping! (Click here for my leggings selections.)


Jewelry. Here are some beautiful options from a few lovely brands. (Click here for my jewelry selections.)


Skincare/Make-Up/Nail Polish. For the beauty lover in your life, I’ve rounded up my favorite skincare, make-up, and nail polish picks. (Click here for my selections.)


PJs/Loungewear. Give the gift of coziness! (Click here for my PJ and loungewear picks!)


Bags. Bags, all type of bags…(SNL, anyone?) (Anyway…find my picks here!)


Desk Calendars. New year, new calendar (and it should be adorable, right?). (Click here for four of the cutest ones around!)


Booties. Because she’s got places to go…(Click here for my favorite bootie picks of the season.)





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