Maggie Monday (October 9, 2017)

Over the weekend, I spent a (longer than anticipated) chunk of time swapping Maggie’s summer clothes out for her fall ones. The task was unexpectedly emotional. Folding and putting away her teeny three-month clothes — the outfits she wore time and again during those first few months of her life — was sad in many ways. I am, of course, so grateful that our girl is growing and thriving, but it’s all happening so FAST! (I know, I know. Everyone warned me it would.) And what if Maggie’s our only little girl and I don’t get to pull those oh-so-tiny clothes back out again for another daughter? I can’t even think about that at this point.

It’s been interesting, thinking about what feelings I’ll have as our next child reaches his or her milestones. We plan on having two kids, so assuming we do have another one, that baby will likely be our last one. I anticipate feeling far more nostalgic and sad as our currently completely hypothetical baby #2 grows and changes. With Maggie, I’ve mostly been able to feel excited, because 1) it’s a joy to watch her grow and 2) I assume I’ll get to do this again. (I know that I’m getting way ahead of myself, but some days it’s hard not to.)

For now, Maggie’s our one and only, and we are loving every minute with her. She’s generous with smiles but makes you earn a laugh, so getting a giggle from her is the best feeling ever. Maggie also rocked her custom-made Fulton & Roark onesie for the first time over the weekend (at an F&R video shoot, appropriately), and was just about the cutest brand ambassador there ever was:


Oh, and she took her first selfie last week, too! Apparently our sitter was trying to take a photo of her and Maggie reached out and happened to hit the button to snap a pic. I love the face she’s making!:


Here are some other photos of our Maggie-girl from the past few days:


You bring us so much joy. baby girl!

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