Maggie Monday (October 2, 2017)

It’s a new month with our girl!

Maggie celebrated her six-month birthday over the weekend. (Since she was born on March 31 and September only has 30 days, I’m not sure whether her actual “birthday” that month was on September 30 or October 1. At this point, though, she’s officially six months old.)

Maggie had her six-month check-up this morning, and her growth remains on the same trajectory (which our pediatrician is happy with). At 14 pounds, 10 ounces and 27 inches long, she’s in the 22nd percentile for weight and the 92nd for length.

Kevin and I were both in a wedding this past weekend, and so his parents came in town to watch Maggie for us both Friday evening (for the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner) and Saturday. It was SO helpful having them there to be with our girl, and a treat to get to spend some time with them on Sunday as well!

Another highlight from last week was having our good friends Chris and Jenna over on Wednesday evening. It’s always so fun to get to spend time with them. (Oh, and Maggie sampled peanut butter without any sign of an allergy. WHEW!)

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