Maggie’s Birth Story Is On The Birth Hour Podcast!

Ahhhhhh, y’all! I’m SO EXCITED.

If you’ve been following along with my blog for a few months, you’ve undoubtedly read about my love for a podcast called The Birth Hour. It’s a collection of all different types of birth stories shared by women from around the world, and was such a helpful resource to me while I was pregnant. It helped me get a peek into lots of different birth scenarios and led me to be far less anxious about Maggie’s birth and more just curious about what our own experience would look like.

Speaking of our experience…now MAGGIE’S birth story is featured on The Birth Hour. I recorded the episode with the podcast’s host, Bryn, back in July, and it went live today. I’ve written about Maggie’s birth here on the blog already, but if you’re interested in hearing me talk about our journey starting from trying to get pregnant through birth and my first weeks postpartum with Maggie, take a listen to this 30-ish minute episode.


Thank you, Bryn, for including my story on The Birth Hour!

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