Maggie Monday (September 11, 2017)

I’m actually posting Maggie Monday ON MONDAY for the first time in three weeks! Whew.

This past week’s theme at the Keller house has been SLEEPY. Maggie (who has always been a stellar sleeper) has been waking up often throughout the night for the last several days and it’s been rough. (Maybe teething? Maybe her tummy’s hurting? We can’t quite tell. She doesn’t seem hungry.) I have so much sympathy (and admiration) for parents who deal with this for several weeks or months in a row. It’s not fun, y’all. Thankfully, last night was much better, so maybe we’re over the hump. (Please let us be over the hump!)

This past weekend was full of lots of Maggie snuggles, which was just what I needed. Between working full time and teaching Pure Barre, time with my girl during the week is so limited, and weekends become so very precious. Maggie, Kevin, and I met our birth class friends for dinner Friday night, which was so fun. Then Maggie and I went to a baby shower Saturday (for my friend Erika’s TWIN girls, due in October) and Sunday our morning was spent just lazily hanging around the house. (Can it be the weekend again already?)

I didn’t take nearly as many photos last week as I typically do (that sleep deprivation, y’all!), but do have a handful to share this Monday:

Happy Monday!

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