Friday Favorites (September 8, 2017)

I feel like we earned this Friday, don’t you? I know it was a short week and all, but sometimes those can be the longest. After all, you have to cram everything you’d typically have five days to do into just four days — which can get pretty exhausting. Needless to say, I’m even more thankful than usual that we have a couple of down days ahead of us!

While the weekend creeps closer, I wanted to share this week’s Friday Favorites post. Maybe it will help the day go by juuuuuust a little faster!

First, THIS is so my favorite. This kid is the best, y’all:

I do have a few other non-Maggie faves, too, believe it or not! Here goes:

  • I snagged this Sol and Selene backpack from the Winston-Salem Pure Barre studio a few weeks ago, and I’m totally smitten. It’s just the right size to make it a perfect purse/diaper bag combo, and it worked so well as a carry-on during our trip last weekend. It’s great because I can be hands free with Maggie while using it, too. LOVE IT.

  • With this rather chilly morning and evening weather we’ve been having this week, I was craving something fall-ish for dinner last night. I found this recipe for chickpea curry and modified it just slightly based on what we had on hand. (I used butternut squash in place of potatoes, bell peppers instead of peas, and cauliflower rice as a base. I also made a side of baby bok choy, because we had that in the fridge. It turned out well and was SO easy! I’ll be making this again for sure.

  • Speaking of recipes…I made a vegan chocolate cake for a co-worker’s birthday this week, and I love how it turned out! I used this recipe for the cake, and then used basically this one for the frosting, but I didn’t use any melted chocolate and instead incorporated some creamy peanut butter (and topped the cake with mini chocolate chips). I didn’t snap a picture — dang it! — but was really happy with the results.
  • A co-worker was sipping on this Runa Unsweetened Guava tea this week and it looked amazing (and she highly recommended it), so I picked some up at Whole Foods and it did NOT disappoint. (Oh, and Winston folks: Right now they’re two for $3 at our local Whole Foods!)


Hope everyone has a great weekend!

One thought on “Friday Favorites (September 8, 2017)

  1. So glad you subbed the peppers for peas. That could have been ugly. <3 Sadly my leftovers didn't survive the night for lunch (it accidentally went in my tummy).

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