Maggie Monday (July 24, 2017)

This time next week, Maggie will be FOUR months old. (HOW is this already possible?) While part of me mourns her leaving that brand-new stage behind, it’s so much fun to watch her get more smiley and interactive and aware of the world around her. Getting her to laugh is the best feeling in the world. The very best thing. New milestones this week include Maggie learning to hold her own bottle and learning to roll over (yikes!). She’s also getting to be a pretty great bubble blower:

This past weekend actually felt long and relaxing, which certainly is not always the case. We packed a good amount in, as usual, but everything felt well paced, and we had lots of quality time with friends, which was amazing. We had dinner with our birth class buddies Saturday night and enjoyed getting our babies (who were all born within about a week of each other) together. I can’t wait for them to get even more interactive and aware of each other! Maggie also got to meet our friend Ryan yesterday, and he brought her the cutest hooded beach towel, which will come in quite handy, as there will be lots more beach trips in this girl’s future (one this coming weekend, in fact!).

Here are a few photos from our latest week with Maggie:

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  1. When we had ours with Todd (he was actually at our last class as he was 6 weeks early) there were 15 babies and he was the only boy.

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