Maggie Monday (June 12, 2017)

Happy Monday, everyone!

Since this was the first weekend after I started back at work, it was an extra special one (and required even more snuggles with my girl than usual).

I was pretty exhausted after the work week, but also felt like I was behind on allllll the life things (laundry, errands, housework, blogging, etc.), and so I tried to balance some of those things with some chill time with Maggie. It worked out pretty well, in that I got lots checked off my to-do list but also enjoyed down time (Kevin, Maggie, and I went to dinner with some friends Saturday night, to the pool with another set of friends Sunday morning, and the three of us just laid low Sunday evening, which was lovely). It’s definitely going to take some time to get used to this new reality, but I’m confident we’ll get there soon. (It’s also going to take some time to get used to being a breastfeeding working mom, and I’ve learned a lot on that front over the last few days. More on that in another post, though!)

Some quick updates on Miss Margaret:

  • She has so much neck control, and her little (chubby!) legs are getting so strong, too! She’s going to be sitting up in her Bumbo before long, I think.
  • She seems to feel indifferent toward the pool so far. I’ll take that emotion over terrified!
  • She sure is chatty, and “talks” to us often.
  • She’s the best thing ever. (Am I biased? Yeah, sure. But she still is.)

Oh, and did you want to see a few photos of Maggie from this past week? Yeah, I thought so:

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

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