Friday Favorites (May 19, 2017)

May is just flying by! I can’t believe it’s Friday again already.

Maggie and I are on the road again (thankfully with Kevin this time, too!), and spent Wednesday in South Carolina (my sister had a baby shower at her elementary school) and then headed down to Atlanta yesterday to hang out with family, see some friends, and attend another baby shower for Susan tomorrow.

So far, Maggie has been a rock star of a traveler. She’s almost always asleep during car rides, and is an angel at all the events we’ve taken her to so far. (The Babybjörn has been such a lifesaver at those, because she’s happy and held and can sleep off and on, but I still have both arms. Everyone wins!) As long as we get her out of social situations before she goes into gremlin mode for the evening (she gets fussy every night from about 7ish until she goes to sleep — usually around 9/9:30 or so), we’re confident she’ll be just fine. We are so lucky to have gotten such a great, go-with-the-flow baby!

Speaking of that baby, here are a few of my favorite photos of her from the past few days:

Now time for some Friday Favorites!:

  • dv Bailey Slide Sandals (Target). I snagged these sandals in black (and these in tan!) during a BOGO 50% off deal at Target recently and have been wearing them nonstop since. They’re SO comfy, match just about everything, and I love that they’re simple but incorporate a bit of flair with the pattern on the top strap. I highly recommend grabbing a pair for yourself!

  • mpix for photo prints. Sarah Shinsky, who took both our maternity and newborn photos for us, recommended this site as a resource for ordering photo prints, and I’ve been so happy with the quality, the speed of delivery, and the price point. If you’re looking to print out photos, definitely give this site a try. (Printing more photos is something I’ve been trying to do more of, because it’s so easy to leave everything on your phone/computer and never have tangible pictures to send to friends and family, put on your fridge, swap out for an older photo on your desk at work, etc.)

  • Z SUPPLY tanks. This brand — one I learned about thanks to them being sold at the Pure Barre Winston-Salem and Clemmons studios — is my new obsession. I especially love their tank tops, because they’re versatile enough to wear in everyday life or to a barre class. So far, I have this one and this one, and will likely be adding more to my collection before too long.

  • Maggie’s new Pure Barre onesie. Y’all. I can’t get enough of this. For some new moms, it’s a top priority to get baby gear with a favorite sports team logo. For me, I just had to find Maggie something to wear to represent some Pure Barre love. (If you’re interested in snagging one of these adorable outfits for a future Pure Barre lover in your life, let me know and I’m happy to connect you with the woman who made this one for Maggie!)

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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