Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! (How can it be the end of April already? Crazy!)

As per the tradition lately, I wanted to start off today’s post with some of my favorite Maggie photos from the past week. (If you’d like to see more frequent Maggie pics, follow me on Instagram and/or join our Maggie PhotoCircle!) She’s been increasingly more fun over the last few days as she’s gotten more and more interactive. I just love this baby girl. I still can’t believe she’s ours! We also introduced bottle feeding this week and it’s been a huge success. This kid just rolls with things so far, which has been awesome.

Okay, now that everyone’s gotten their baby fix (or indulged me in sharing photos of my girl), let’s get on to some Friday Favorites, shall we?:

  • The Handmaid’s Tale Hulu series. As a big Margaret Atwood fan (and a particular lover of this book), I was thrilled to learn a few weeks ago that Hulu was launching a series depicting the book. Kevin and I are just one episode in so far, but I can already tell the rest of the episodes are going to be just as good as the first. Elisabeth Moss was a stellar choice for the main character, Offred, and her internal dialogue brings such creepy context to the whole situation. I definitely recommend this show (and even MORE strongly recommend the book, if you haven’t yet read it).

  • Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. I know, I know. I’m SO late to the Halo Top party. I’ve tried a handful of flavors now, though, and THIS ONE is by far my top pick. It’s delicious and creamy, and the peanut butter swirls are incredible. Kevin and I are both solidly on board with this stuff, to the point that when I was at Publix the other day I went ahead and snagged two pints (because who am I kidding?):

  • Village Juice Company’s Southwest Bowl. For those of you in Winston-Salem who aren’t familiar with this restaurant, do yourself a favor and check it out ASAP. (You’re currently missing out big time.) For breakfast/snacks, their Mint Chip smoothie is my jam (I have dreams about that smoothie…), but for lunch or dinner it’s hard to beat the Southwest Bowl. Brown rice, romaine, raw corn, black beans, mango, cashew cheese — it’s full of good-for-you deliciousness. (It’s not listed on the permanent menu as of yet — so it’s not on their website — but it’s always on the Specials board.) Try one today!

  • Lucas Hugh workout apparel. I haven’t personally worn this brand yet, but I saw a pair of their leggings on a client at Pure Barre recently and they are beautiful and so very flattering. They’re pricey for sure, but I’m going to keep my eye on this brand and snag a pair or two if and when I see them go on sale! I love learning about new activewear brands to add to my radar.

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend ahead of you! We’re headed to the beach on Sunday to spend a few days with Kevin’s parents. It will be Maggie’s first trip! In the meantime, I’ll be packing up alllll the clothes, supplies, and accessories a tiny infant needs over a six-day period — ha!


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