Friday Favorites

Another Friiiiiiday!

(And still no baby over here, y’all. This is getting crazy. 41 weeks as of today!)

I’m feeling…mostly okay about things on that front. I mean, physically I feel awesome! I’m sleeping well and still taking Pure Barre classes, and my heartburn has even seemed to lessen a bit. So that’s definitely positive. Emotionally I’ve had a couple days that have been pretty rough (which isn’t the norm for me so it kind of throws me off), but for the most part I’ve tried to stay optimistic. After all, the end is very near, regardless.

Kevin and I visited our midwife yesterday and had a pretty discouraging report (net-net: nothing seems to be happening, an induction — which I’d loooove to avoid anyway — isn’t looking favorable at the moment, plus the baby is sunny side up). So yeah…I wasn’t doing too well immediately after that news. BUT! Thankfully I’ve since gotten encouraging reports from friends who have been given similar stats at appointments and gone into labor on their own not long after. I’m holding out hope that will be our fate as well (and that this baby might turn over in the meantime, too).

For now, though, let’s talk Friday Favorites, shall we?:

  • American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. I started watching this mini-series (available on Netflix) this week and am so hooked. It features a great cast, and it’s totally sucked me in. (After all, I was in fifth grade when all this stuff was going down, so it’s safe to say there were lots of holes in the O.J. story for me!) I highly recommend it if you’re searching for a new Netflix obsession.

  • Garden & Gun: “Thirty Years of Steel Magnolias.” I stumbled upon this article this morning and, as a huge fan of this movie, was immediately drawn in to this backstory about the man who wrote the play, its transition to a movie, input from the film’s stars, and more. It’s not long and is totally worth a read if you’re a Steel Magnolias fan, too! (Favorite line from the movie? GO! Mine — based on most used — would have to be from Annelle: “It’s in the ‘Freezes Beautifully’ section of my cookbook, and I want to make something that freezes beautifully!”)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! (Here’s hoping I’ll be spending mine in the hospital…)

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I never comment – but if it makes you feel better – my heartburn magically got better a day before I went into labor.

  2. Hey Anna
    Sarah was a Sunnyside up baby and was born naturally and look at her now. Hugs keeping you guys in our hearts and hoping for an easy delivery

  3. Hang in there! I was 41+4 when my daughter was born and I had made zero progress until labor started. She came on her own and we had a smooth natural delivery. Hope things get moving soon so you can have your little one in your arms!

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