The Best Christmas Ads of 2016, Round Two

When I published a post on the best Christmas ads of 2016 last week, I told you I’d be back with more. After all, this time of year is chock full of feel-good or funny or just plain clever advertising (and many commercials — especially the international ones — are more long-form, which is extra fun).

And so here we are again, gathered to review some more awesome holiday-themed commercials that have just recently hit my radar. You’ll notice that most of these are from brands that exist outside of the U.S. (I think the States can really stand to pick up its holiday ad game).

Ready, set, FESTIVE!:

  • Allegro (a Polish online auction website):
  • Aldi, featuring an adorable carrot named Kevin:
  • Lidl (a German discount grocer), with a spot made for their Irish shoppers:
  • Kohl’s (finally, an America one!):
  • Sainsbury’s (the British grocer), featuring James Cordon from The Late Late Show as the spot’s singer:
  • Marks & Spencer (another British retailer), where Mrs. Claus steals the show:
  • Coca-Cola Brasil, a feel-good ad as always!:

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