Pregnancy Update: Week 24

It’s already Week 24 of this pregnancy, which is completely insane because I feel like we just found out I was pregnant last week! Time is truly flying by.


On the one hand, that’s exciting, because I can’t wait to meet our baby girl. I keep wondering what she’s going to be like, look like, sound like — it’s all so fun to anticipate. On the other, hand, though, we definitely have some things to get to on the baby prep to-do list, so the fact that the pregnancy is rushing by is a little overwhelming in that regard.

I’ve been lucky to have felt really good for the most part so far. The daily heartburn I was experiencing has all but disappeared thanks to my doctor’s recommendation of Zantac versus the Tums I was taking. (It’s made SUCH a huge difference!) I’m still sleeping well (and going to bed early, which is pretty excellent) and am not having any back pain or feeling like I’ve had to slow down much. I’ve had a couple of dizzy spells over the last few days, which are super annoying but are, as best I can tell, pretty normal (especially during the second trimester).

Mostly, I’m feeling excitement and joy in anticipating this little one. I love feeling her move around and have started talking to her and writing to her in a journal.

Kevin and I are starting to get things checked off our baby prep list, too, which is feeling good. We think we found a daycare (we’re on the waiting list, but the director said we were early enough that we should be able to count on getting in), we’ve landed on a name for Baby Girl, we have our registry set up, and we have nursery furniture. Over the next couple of weekends, we’ll start getting the nursery painted and set up, which I’m SO excited about! We also start birth classes tomorrow evening, and have a meeting set up with a doula in a couple of weeks.

This holiday season has been extra fun so far, and I’m feeling especially festive. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family in Atlanta and Birmingham, and knowing that this will be our last Thanksgiving and Christmas as just our little two-person, one-dog family makes it really special and worth savoring. I put up Christmas decorations yesterday and loved thinking about adding a third stocking to our hearth in 2017.

Overall, I feel so very thankful, which is appropriate for this season. I’m thankful for this growing baby and her health so far. I’m thankful I’ve been feeling good and strong and healthy. I’m thankful we are surrounded by friends and family who already love this little girl (not to mention Kevin and me) so much, and are showing the three of us love in myriad ways. And I’m thankful for Kevin, who has been incredibly supportive and a wonderful partner throughout my pregnancy (no surprise there — he’s kind of the best).

We’re more than halfway there…

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