Adorable Halloween Treats

Y’all. It’s nearly Halloween. (A day which, quite possibly, is my favorite holiday. It’s a close tie between Thanksgiving and Halloween. Anyway, I like this time of year a LOT.)

Part of the reason I love Halloween is because there are so many adorable treat and snack ideas and recipes out there. Who doesn’t love an adorable mummy crescent dog or an always-classic fudge stripe witch hat? (Halloween Scrooges, that’s who doesn’t love those deliciously festive foods.) Since I love to bake, this type of thing is right up my alley. Plus, a lot of Halloween treats are pretty easy to make, starting with a store-bought ingredient and just adding some time (and creativity) to it to make an impressive transformation.

Here are a few Halloween-themed recipes that have particularly caught my eye this year. I hope to get to try a couple out this year!:









Happy almost Halloween!




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