Friday Favorites

Happy first Friday of August, y’all!

I hope everyone’s had a great week. Kevin and I had summertime colds last weekend (YUCK!), but are feeling much more human now. Thank goodness. He’s headed to Charlotte this weekend for the Charlotte Men’s Show (for F&R), so Fulton-pup and I will be flying solo. (I think making a batch of these drunken noodles will be on the agenda. I LOVE to order this from Thai restaurants, and can’t wait to try it at home!) Also on the agenda: teaching and taking Pure Barre classes, hitting up a yoga class, meeting some friends for coffee, and watching my latest Netflix obsession, Marcella. Should be fun!

But before we get this weekend party started, here are a few Friday Favorites I wanted to share:


  • The Faroe Islands makes a bid to be included on Google Maps’ Street View with this awesome campaign. (Note: I’m dying to visit the Faroe Islands after watching this beautiful footage.)
  • Please watch this bear wave to a woman in response to her wave. Adorable!:
  • I love this new ad from IKEA:

Slappy's Chicken

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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