2016’s Watermelon Trend

This summer, the flavor trend is most definitely centered around all things watermelon.

This comes as great news for me, since I’ve been a fan of watermelon dating waaaay back to the early 90s. (Proof below — I’m the second from the right.):


I got the first whiff of this watermelon fad at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago when the cashier recommended their new cold-pressed watermelon juice (just watermelon juice and lemon juice). Since then, I’ve been seeing more and more watermelon-flavored beverages pop up (many in the beer category) along with other watermelon-laden treats. In fact, it looks like even Beyoncé is getting in on the watermelon action, as she recently invested in a cold-pressed watermelon water startup called WTRMLN WTR.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 1.23.12 PM

This is good news from a nutritional standpoint. After all, watermelon is high in lycopene, which maintains good bone and cardiovascular health. Watermelon also contains an amino acid called citrulline, which can assist in improving blood flow and reducing fat cells. I’ll take it! Plus, this stuff is just so darn refreshing and classically summer.

In celebration of this welcome trend (and to make a nod to National Watermelon Day, one day late), I’ve rounded up a handful of watermelon recipes that will help you enjoy summer to the last bite:

(Oh, and if you’re looking for some refreshing watermelon cocktail recipes, check out my recent post for Beyond Yoga, where I rounded up five tasty recommendations.)



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