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It’s Friday!

If you live in North Carolina, like I do, we’ve run the gamut of weather this week, starting with a snow day (for me, at least) on Monday and warming up to a weekend projected to have highs in the mid-60s. So odd.

I’ve been reading some great articles online this week, and just had to share them with y’all. They’re about a range of topics, but all are all worth a read:

  • “In The Light Of Home”: This piece, about what it means to really find home and what the feeling of “home” entails, is captivating and so incredibly beautifully written.
  • “Having It All Kinda Sucks”: True, I don’t have kids yet, but I already feel the “have it all” pressure. I’m the type who has a habit of over-commiting and over-extending. I can’t imaging adding kids into the equation! Anyway, in this article, the author discusses the downside of “having it all” in a way I really enjoyed.
  • “The DIY Scientist, The Olympian, And The Mutated Gene”: This article, which was also included in Episode #577 — “Something Only I Can See” — of the This American Life podcast in mid-January, tells the remarkable story of a woman who made a medical diagnosis that no one else would have thought to make.

something only i can see

Okay, and now on to the funny stuff. These aren’t articles, and they probably won’t make you think like the links above will. But they’re so stinking funny. So if you find yourself at the end of a long week, maybe start with these to start your weekend off with a chuckle:

animals licking windows

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.12.47 PM

Happy Friday!

One thought on “Links I’m Loving

  1. Glad the article on home and light made it up here! And the licking animals and painting commentary are hilarious.

    Do you watch Downton Abbey? I can’t remember if we talked about that. Lord Grantham said, “curiouser and curiouser” on the latest episode.

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