Chobani’s #BreakYouMake Campaign

I’ve been a Chobani fan for years now. I love the fact that they use hormone-free, locally sourced milk to make their Greek yogurt. I love their commitment to the communities they’re in. And I also LOVE their flavors. (The blood orange is my absolute favorite. That stuff is SO GOOD.)

Chobani has launched a campaign called #BreakYouMake, and part of the idea behind the campaign is recognizing awesome people in your life who truly deserve a break. When I think about who I know who really deserves a break, the person who comes to mind is someone super special and incredibly accomplished: my husband, Kevin.

Kevin is the best person I know. He’s also one of the busiest. Between juggling his job at Hanes, pouring hours into his men’s grooming start-up, Fulton & Roark, getting in time at the gym, and making time to hang out with me, this guy is booked solid. And yet, he rarely complains, and is always on top of things. I’m continually impressed.

Shout-out to you, Kevin Keller, for winning at life. Let’s grab a Chobani Flip and take a little break soon, huh?

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 5.10.29 PM

Who in your life deserves a break?

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