Introducing Fulton & Roark Shave Cream!

(Warning: This post is going to be filled with shameless promotion of and bragging about Kevin’s company, Fulton & Roark. I’m just so proud of them, though! And, luckily, I’m not the only one saying great things about F&R, so you don’t have to take my word for it.)

What type of company do two Wake Forest MBA students start when they want to go into business together? Why, a men’s grooming company, of course! (It’s not as off-base as it sounds, given Kevin and Allen’s combined backgrounds in creative, pop culture, and sensory-based careers in earlier lives.)

After spending several months developing fragrances, they launched Fulton & Roark solid cologne a couple of years ago — a product that was incredibly well received and earned them space in publications like GQ, Fast Company, Southern Living, and Men’s Health as well as on-shelf in stores across the country (and even some global locations, too!). Needless to say, that’s been amazing.


Kevin and Allen always knew they wanted to grow the company beyond just cologne, though — extending their philosophy of creating products for “the way men operate” into other offerings. Finally, after about a year of development, their second product — a super-slick, no foam, TSA carry-on friendly shave cream — is available both in stores and on the newly designed

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This stuff smells amazing, is great for skin (dermatologist approved!), and comes in a beautifully designed 3.4-ounce tube complete with tube key so you can compress the tube as you go through the shave cream. Its scent is designed to complement any F&R fragrance, too, so no worries about coupling it with Tybee, Shackleford, Hatteras, or Limited Reserve 01.

Here’s what the F&R guys have to say about their shave cream:

In short, shaving is the process of dragging one or more sharpened metal blades across your face in hopes of cutting your facial hair as closely as possible. Metal-on-face friction is not so good for your skin.
Fulton & Roark’s shave cream was designed to create an ultra-slick, no-foam layer of protection between your razor and your face. 

A nourishing blend of avocado, tea tree, jojoba, and citrus oils replaces the moisture lost from shaving. And the fresh and clean blend of bergamot, spearmint, and gingergrass makes shaving an invigorating experience, no matter what lies ahead. 

The highly-concentrated formula means the 3.4 oz container goes a very long way, providing plenty of shaves from a travel-friendly container. After more than a year of development, we’re proud to offer our shave cream to you.

I’ve been wanting to tell y’all about this for so long, and now it’s finally a reality. Yay for F&R shave cream! Check it out and let me know what you think.

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