The Sunday Conundrum

There’s a truth about Sundays that’s just as predictable as brunch with Bloody Marys (please note the absence of the apostrophe in “Marys”). That truth is The Sunday Conundrum.


You know what I’m talking about. It’s those two voices in your head that start speaking up on Sunday afternoons. One voice is advocating for a day spent lazing on the couch, catching up on shows on Hulu Plus while wearing yoga pants and snuggling with your dog. The other voice — that pesky, productive one — is prodding at you, trying to get you to do things like laundry. And grocery shopping. And working out. And cleaning the house.

It’s inevitable, and the trouble with The Sunday Conundrum — for me, at least — is that I feel guilty no matter which voice I listen to. If I clean the house and go to the grocery store, I feel like I should have cut myself some slack and relaxed more. And if I go with the lazy option, I end the day mad at myself for not having accomplished more to get ready for the start of the week.

So yeah — no real takeaway here, or insight, or advice or anything. I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the inevitable reality that is The Sunday Conundrum.

Back to your Sunday, friends! Whichever voice you listen to, I hope your day’s a good one!


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