4 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately…

I hope everyone’s staying warm during this crazy winter weather! I was in New York earlier this week for work, and was thankful to make it home safely (and on time) to Kevin and this snuggly pup:


As we ride out this ice and snow, I thought I’d share a handful of things I’ve discovered pretty recently and that get two enthusiastic thumbs up:

  • S’well water bottle. When I was in Toronto for work a few weeks ago, I noticed lots of the women in the meetings I was in had these stylish water bottles with them. I took note of the brand name on the bottle — S’well — and Googled it later. As it turns out, the company makes a collection of beautifully designed, insulated water bottles (they keep cold things cold for 24 hours and hot things hot for 12). Plus, they’re affiliated with charitable organizations, and are, obviously, also good for the environment since they’re reusable bottles. Anyway, I got semi-obsessed, and Kevin got me my own S’well bottle for Valentine’s Day! (He even consulted with my good friend Ashleigh on the color selection. Sweet Kevin.) The verdict? I LOVE my S’well!

IMG_6947Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 7.12.19 AM

  • Kodiak Protein-Packed Power Cakes. Kevin discovered these at Target not too long ago, and now they’re a staple in our pantry. With an impressive amount of protein — 14 grams per serving! — these flapjacks keep us full and are SO yummy. (I thought this was worth posting now, since it’s National Pancake Week. Or something like that. I’ve seen lots of pancake pictures on Instagram.) Anyway, we like to top these with peanut butter and bananas, walnuts, fruit compote, etc. Kodiak Cakes come in other delicious flavors, but this one’s our fave.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 6.56.04 AM

  • Handpicked is now in Winston-Salem! For a few years now, my sister, Susan, has been getting lovely jewelry and accessories for herself and as gifts for others from a store in Columbia, South Carolina, where she lives. Just last Christmas, she got me THREE awesome pieces of jewelry (including the monogrammed bar necklace I mentioned in a recent post and seriously wear ALL THE TIME). Anyway, as you can see I love this place, so I was thrilled to learn — just last weekend — that a Handpicked location has opened at Thruway in Winston-Salem! If you haven’t checked this store out yet, Winston folks, be sure you do soon.


  • Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate. This is definitely a splurge as far as beauty products go, but it’s one that’s been worth it to me. My skin has been SO dry these past few weeks — especially the skin around my eyes — and this product has been a lifesaver.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 7.17.59 AM

Happy Thursday, friends! What new discoveries are you loving these days?

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