Valentine’s Gift Ideas For All Your Favorite People

I love Valentine’s Day and always have. Growing up, we’d have a special Valentine’s Day breakfast as a family, and my mom would give my sister and me a couple of gifts (usually some fun pajamas or something) to celebrate. For me, the holiday was always about appreciating the people you care about and appreciate — boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, siblings, parents, friends, co-workers, etc.

With that in mind, here’s a list of some gift ideas to show the special people in your life — romantic and otherwise, and in no particular order — how much they mean to you on Valentine’s Day.

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  • The Dreamer Gold Ring by Vanessa Mooney. I fell in love with Vanessa Mooney jewelry when Kevin and I were in San Francisco last spring, and have enjoyed admiring their pieces ever since. This ring caught my eye recently, and it’s a great price point for a V-Day gift.

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  • Make Your Own Bitters Kit from Food52. You KNOW you have a cocktail lover on your list who would love this kit! Plus, it’s something you can do together. (Extra points for an experiential gift.)

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  • Initial Bar Necklace from Urban Outfitters. My sister got me a similar necklace for Christmas and I wear it ALL the time (and always receive compliments, too). It’s great to wear on its own, but I also like to layer it with other necklaces. A guaranteed gift hit for a lovely lady in your life!

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  • Pajamas from J. Crew, for Men or Women. Follow the Swindle Family tradition by getting your loved one a pair of cute, comfy pj’s!

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  • Twig Measuring Spoons from Anthropologie. Some of my favorite gifts are things that are useful, everyday items, but dressed up versions of them. Things I wouldn’t buy for myself (because it can be hard to justify), but that add beauty to my home. These measuring spoons meet the criteria of that type of gift. For someone who (like me!) bakes or cooks often, these would be used all the time.

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  • Geo Terrarium from World Market. Despite not having much of a green thumb to speak of, I’m smitten with these lovely terrariums from World Market (always a reliable gift destination, by the way). That’s one of the great things about these terrariums, too — you can use them to house a plant, or just display them as they are for the less lucky gardeners among us!

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What’s on your Valentine’s Day gift list?

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