Kicking Off My 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge!

Remember last week when I told you about the 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge I’m starting to help me clean out my closet a bit and rediscover some lesser-worn pieces in my wardrobe? Today’s the first day in that challenge!

After some deliberation, I’ve decided to document the challenge with photos (which will mostly be selfies, because Kevin leaves for work before I do). This is counterintuitive, because typically I’m pretty anti-selfie, but I think taking photos throughout this 30-day event will help me to (A) hold myself accountable to the challenge and (B) remind myself of outfits I’ve worn so far so I don’t repeat a look. I’ll be posting these photos on my Instagram account, so feel free to come along on the journey!

For day one, I went with this look (a super comfortable and Aztec-y dress from Asos):

photo (13) copy photo (13)

Happy Monday, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Kicking Off My 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge!

  1. love dress and shoes! maybe as much as the rug 😉 – I’m a sucker for pretty rugs!- Often drive by the rug shop in West end and find myself reaching for a napkin as I drool at the window selections….

  2. My friend and I decided to do the 30 day challenge also after seeing your post – we’re both in serious need of a closet rediscovery/purge also. I plan on turning the hangers around of items I’ve already worn so I know they’re off limits until the end of the challenge. Thanks for the inspiration Anna!

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