3 Beautiful Commercials Selling Everyday Items

When I saw IKEA’s latest ad the other day, showcasing their bed collection as part of their “The Wonderful Everyday” campaign, I was captivated. This ad is gorgeous and in the span of 90 seconds it managed to completely immerse me in the dream scenario. This got me thinking about other ads I’ve seen recently that do an incredible job of making something relatively commonplace wholly beautiful and new yet also familiar.

Up first, IKEA’s “Beds” ad. I’d recommend watching this spot at least twice. It really is amazing (and I’d love to have been on set to see how they made this come together — check out this behind-the-scenes stunt work!) The voiceover of the excerpt from Shakespeare’s The Tempest is a perfect complement to the dreamy visual element. (Agency: Mother London):

Food porn lovers rejoice: Lurpak’s recent ad, “Adventure Awaits,” showcasing their Cook’s Range line of products (things like non-stick spray and clarified butter) takes the idea of an average weekday dinner to a whole new (and lovely) level. If this doesn’t inspire you to conquer a new recipe, I don’t know what will. (Agency: Wieden+Kennedy London):

Italian brand Sognid’oro was able to add a clever, whimsical, and all-around delightful spin to the marketing of chamomile tea in “Don’t Drink And Drive.” (Agency: DLV BBDO Milan):

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