Want Some Tax Day Freebies?

I rarely feel as dumb as I do when trying to complete my taxes. Why do they make it sound so very confusing? I’m an educated person — I should be able to figure this out. (This is why Kevin and I had an accountant do our taxes this year. I feel much better — and smarter! — about the whole situation.)

Whatever your confidence level in relation to taxes is, I’d be willing to be that Tax Day isn’t all that fun for you either. However, select companies are aiming to make it a little less painful by giving out free stuff on April 15. I’m a fan of free (I like free WAY more than I like taxes), and thought some of you might be as well, so I wanted to pass these along:


  • Cinnabon: If you’re in the mood for some cinnamon deliciousness tomorrow between 6 and 8 p.m., head over to Cinnabon for two free cinnamon bites!


  • AMC Theaters: Checking out a flick tomorrow? Be sure to print out this coupon for a free small popcorn if you’re going to an AMC location.


  • Great American Cookies: Should you find yourself in a shopping mall tomorrow, be sure to stop by the food court and get a free chocolate chip cookie!



  • Papa Murphy’s: We weren’t familiar with Papa Murphy’s until moving to Winston, and now we LOVE them! Stop by tomorrow and score a large pepperoni pizza for just $5.


Orange Leaf: Sadly, there isn’t an Orange Leaf in Winston-Salem (I do love me some fro-yo!), but if any of you are lucky enough to have one nearby, be sure to fill up a cup of of frozen yogurt tomorrow for just $4.15.


And the BEST part about tomorrow? You’ll be DONE with taxes for a whole year. (Now THAT’S worth celebrating.)

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