Mal’s Wedding In Indy

This past weekend, Kevin and I traveled to Indianapolis (where I lived from 7th through 12th grade) to celebrate the wedding of one of my dearest friends, Mallory. It’s always a treat to travel to Indy these days, because my parents moved back to Atlanta the summer after I graduated from high school and so I rarely get to see my friends who still live in the Midwest.

We stayed with my sweet friend Staci and her husband, Alex, and almost-one-year-old daughter, Selah. We had the best time just being together, and Selah is such a happy, go-with-the-flow girl. She’s a joy to be around. (Alex and Staci are wonderful, too, of course! We love this family.)

The bride, Mal, is one of my favorite people. She’s kind, smart, and SO funny. Mal’s the type of friend who sends you cards in the mail for no reason, and who goes out of her way to make you feel special and loved. She looked stunning on her wedding day, and Kevin and I were so glad we were able to be there to watch her exchange vows with James. (The couple wrote letters to each other that James’ sister read aloud during the ceremony. It was so special!)

At the wedding itself, it was a treat to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in months or even years, including Megan and Stephanie (both friends from middle and high school). I love friends who you can re-connect with immediately, even after a couple of years since seeing each other in person. It was such fun getting to see Mallory’s awesome family members, too, who I hadn’t seen in so long.

(After the wedding, Megan found this old photo of Staci, Mal, Megan, and me from back in our Center Grove High School days. Throwback!)


We danced the night away (though Kevin didn’t get a chance to whip out his signature Crybaby move, to Staci’s extreme disappointment) and wished the couple well with cheers and sparklers as the night came to an end.

Unfortunately, I was so caught up in being a part of the celebration that I was a horrible photographer and have just one photo from the event — but it’s a good one! 🙂


Congrats, Mrs. Mallory CALHOON! Thank you for including me in your special day. I’m so glad we’re friends!

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