Friday Favorites

We made it to yet another glorious Friday, friends! To congratulate us all collectively, I thought I’d pass along a few of the best things I’ve read/watched/laughed at this week:

  • I thought I couldn’t love Mumford and Sons and more. Same goes for Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, and Will Forte. I was wrong, because this happened. And I am thankful.

mumford hopeless wanderer video

combat juggling

  • Someone created this and put it on Facebook with the caption “They grow up so fast.” Amazing:


  • I made these for dinner this week, and not only were they delicious and healthy — they were also super easy. Perfection! I highly recommend any avocado lovers out there give them a try!

thai avocado

Here’s to the start of a great weekend!

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