A Quick Update: Canadian Travels, A New (Temporary) Pup, Grilling, And Beer

I know, I know. I’ve been a truly terrible blogger lately. Poor little Curiouser and Curiouser has faced a lot of neglect in recent weeks. With that in mind, I thought I’d bring you quickly up to speed via a handful of photos from the past few weeks:


Two weekends ago, I traveled to Toronto because the ad agency I work for was filming a commercial up there. I was thrilled to get to attend the shoot, and even though the trip itself was a bit of a whirlwind (we were there midday Saturday through Monday morning), we still squeezed in a good amount of Toronto fun. I caught a show at Second City Toronto (so very funny), I did a little bit of shopping, checked out the Hockey Hall of Fame, and enjoyed a wonderful Italian meal. Also, the people are SO NICE in Canada. Seriously — everyone we came in contact with. It was bizarre in a quite amazing way. I can’t wait to go back to this city again at some point and explore (and shop and eat!) even more. (Disclaimer: This photo is a bit deceiving, as I didn’t travel to the top of the CN Tower. The view from the ground up is fun, too, though!)


My good friend Watson is out of town this weekend, so we get to hang out with her pup, Punkin, while she’s gone. We’re smitten with this sweet Boxer, and so is Fulton! He loves having a buddy to hang out with all day. I think Punk is having fun, too. She was so excited for this picture she couldn’t even sit still! (Kevin quote: “I’m a tiny bit sad Fulton and Punk can’t have puppies, because I think they’d be awesome.” Yep, I’d say he’s a fan!)


So, I came home from work this past Tuesday night, and Kevin had an errand in mind: grill shopping. I mean, sure! Let’s mix up Tuesday night a bit — why not? We already had (and love) a charcoal grill, but Kevin had been itching for a gas grill for some time now, knowing that we’d be able to grill much more frequently if we had one. He’d done some good scouting and obligatory Consumer Reports research first, so off we went to Lowes to purchase our new Char Broil gas grill! Isn’t it pretty? (We christened it last night by making steaks, which were pretty okay, but we know once the grill is properly seasoned things will start tasting quite delicious indeed.) Winston-Salem friends: Anyone want to come over for a cookout? 🙂

beer tasting

Winston-Salem: Get excited — there’s a new bar coming to town! Small Batch Beer Co. plans to open in August in the space on 5th Street where Copper Kitchen used to be (the sign is still there), and I’m pumped. Today, Small Batch hosted a beer tasting at City Beverage, and this stuff is good. (I especially enjoyed the lemon-y IPA.) Bonus: Winston’s newest food truck — Camel City Grill — made an appearance, too. I tried the spicy pimento cheese burger — yum!

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